Depiction of Intimacy

by Overcliff

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released September 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Overcliff Athens, Greece

We are a metal band from Athens,Greece. Our music is heavily influenced from death metal combined with other musical elements.

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Track Name: Sentinel’s Contamination
Devoured by solitude.
An increasing wrath.
The soulless undone.

Ingathering light,
suffusing the spoiled.
Depictment intimacy.
Oblivious whrith.
Depravity unrests.

Nuclear aura, experimental immolation.
Through nihility chaos will rise...

The trails end righteousness.
Wrath of spirits,
spellbound by shame and greed.

The absence of emptiness erased
from minds anatomy.
Unknown abilities
gliding of the space
and timeless asymmetry.

Morbid ideas stand with pride upon the human nation.
Heritage depth, empty cities there,
soulless world, behold!

Guardian angels beyond the blindfold
try to pacify inner demons
in cold beyond,
carrying your own burden.

Suffusing the spoiled.
Depictment intimacy.
Oblivious whrith.
Depravity unrests.

Nuclear aura, experimental immolation.
Through nihility chaos will rise.
Track Name: Contemptuous Unison
99 wonders on the wall of fame
are touching reality.
Once they broke the glass
the poison, inside your veins,
scattered it swims
collapsing the blood of your father.

Embracing the darkness it fills
an inhuman power.
Greed and frail majestic joy,
that grows inside you,
tears my skin
and burial grounds
made to forsake
every thought of you.

Lost in your own power,
forgiven by spirits
and grace of love
from mortal demons.

The springs of death.
Behold the eyes
of an abomination,
created from a deceived race.

A great collector.
No organic enemies.
Sins and treachery.

From the courage its been given from the above,
my hands, the birthplace eden.

Blackness taken,
swallowed by the light.
The space exploration begins.

No verbal abusements.
Endless paranoia.

Rainless fall.
Wind will blow the fire
on the altar of agony.
Only death will be left behind.
Track Name: Artificial Evolution
Beneath temples
of industrial crust ,
neglected force
reveals the path at last.

Imperial possession
manufactured religion.
Interruption of the cosmic flow.

Human race expands
a toy-steel universe.
No culture , no morals,
conceited Goliath.

Artificial Evolution.

Till the veils torn up
a force from the earth erupts
in a spectrum-circle above.
The mouth of Leviathan.

Tears and chews
its promised meal.
Lands are squashed
a doom never foreseen.

Cyborg priests drown
in their code-prayers.
A blade in obscurity
is smiting the Beast.
Track Name: Error in the Formation of Constellations
The formation is done in minds ways.
Errors scattered all over creation,
reprogrammed, to be led in salvation.
Procreation reborn to redeem...

Storms of grace howl
as ether figures fall.
Sunfire kneels before the lightlord.
Spears of flame lead the way to Sirius.

Wounded galactic masses
bleed and vomit angelic races.
Sinful frowns are carved on guises
baptizing contrast into malice.

Obeyance is falling
through the will of the soul.
Reanimation for the life eternally,
as the bringer of light comes
upon the sky!

In a desperate amending strain
the gates of eden are locked in vain.
Divine cells absorbing the pain
of formations born out of bane.

Oh, Lord of light and gloom,
embellished golden realities I witness,
turning into blackened feathers,
as you crawl among the labyrinths.

Shine , elevate the banners
of the forgotten repudiation.
As wicked flowers blossom,
over the extending gardens.
And the river turns green
and flows throughout infinity.

Conjured from 8 heavens above,
scattered over seas and lands,
they hound errors,
as they fall from the stars.
Their form, starspawn.
Error, in their form.
Track Name: Awaken, The Pulse of Existence
Another dreamless night,
unimaginative lethargy.
Mundane inertia.
How do we proceed?
Every breath i take is essential
yet, is wearing me down,
unaccompanied by any inspiration.

It's all sirens and static.
I should stay awake tonight
under the pale, soothing,
flickering candle lights.

Let their arrhythmical movement
fill my unloved eyes
with unearthly pleasures.

Under the divine lustful movement,
orchestrated by the vain visions
of asymmetry's architects,
the shadows form a feminine figure.
A sensual silhouette.
Before me now stands the dark mistress.

The one who led so many tragic poets to dementia.

But how this abstract figure
of all lost lovers,
this personification
of universal imbalance,
the cause of all melancholy and hatred,
seem so indifferent (to me)?

Woe to the vanquished, to myself i whisper,
to which she calmly responds: "woe to us dreamers".

Spreading her hands diagonally
in an act of a cosmic ritual.
Waving her hands up and down
in a spiral motion,
equitating the scales
left and right...
Track Name: Eradicating Defilement
The shunts of creation.
Roots of knowledge,
keystone of life and death.

Unlock through serpentine sperm,
a spiral foundation of human existence.

Cleaved where the roots of everlasting wisdom.
A nip on a fruit. A fang on a kingdom,
crashed where the stars,
diverging from orbits
with pyral domains.
Uncountable conflicts.

Ripped debris.
Exiled remains,
defiling the peace
of a mortal race,
eradicating filth.
A hand above all,
the shine of an angel,
a terrible roar.

Behold the rootless meadows.
Luscent gems imprisoned in vacuum.
Rise out of the horizon
rabid and frantic for elevation.

Black and white wings embrace the universe
for the copulation raised the peacebringer!

Agnis! Peace is a lie.
Guardian am i
bastard child

Lupis! War is a lie.
Whoever needs war
powerless is he.

I eradicate...

The mass gloomed
the faceless light,
as i land on my nest.

Hovering i feed the flame
and let the strongest prevail.

I fly in vacuum through space.
On the stairs of salvation
I lead the Snake,
defiling the cravens
of the gift of life.
Track Name: Savagery
Trapped inside the dream of a god,
through gardens of moons and suns,
where fields of Erebus blossom
and beams of light tremble lonesome.

A bloody slaughter is erupting
when chaos harmony seeks madly
and perfect bright light begs unbinding.
Cosmos flicks in savagery.

Sons of sorrow, burn the flesh
of a woman torn by birth,
of a child fatherless,
(who) on the cross
his spirits lends.

With savagery humanity ends
and through torture resurrects.

In the ashes of the past
savagery seeds i shall plant.

Marked with fire by falling star.
Let the dream nightmare become,
my seed i plant to blossom
beneath my glorious kingdom.
Track Name: Disintegration of an Erased Cosmogenesis
Let there be light
born out of abyss.
Let there be Genesis
straight out of Hades.
A vortex of primal ideas
smashing the doors of reality.

Incarnating the Lords of the Orbs
and the first created gardens.

Sown out of nothing.
Before the blind eyes
of natural justice law.

The vows were echoing
throughout a muted horn.
As the lords resurrected
A tribal fission of mass.

The Lovers separated
at their vestal spousals.
A sinful scenario,
directed by the holiest hands.

So they chased
the winds of their instincts.
United but separated
between the walls of times.

Mourning hearts beat together.
Enamored flesh cannot combine.

In erotic fury they burst
breaking bricks and stones aside.
Below the Lords of each dimension.
Astral explosions bear out a child.
Track Name: Pangalactic Ecliptic Phenomenon
Under the paternal glance eclipse,
ancient and forgotten parallel flows
trespass silently across spacetimes.

Stigmatizing, with the invisible cloaks of doom,
the fate bowels of the collective soul.

Confining breath in sheer cold marble.
Lurk underline, frozen and stable.
Death marched on with no resistance,
reflecting lifeless monuments of existence.

Penetrated spacetimes shiver
towards legions hidden from the light,
as in their sun warmed veins are injected.

Awakened cemeteries possess
every drop of the ruins' vitality.
Floods surge into dimensions,
constructing pagalaktic cataclysms.

Confining birth in sheer cold marble.
Lurk underline, frozen and stable.
Death marched on with no resistance,
reflecting lifeless monuments of existence.
Track Name: Orbs of Dissonance
All flows into parallel veins.
Of earthly flesh the heavens are made.
Theogony occurred in a drop of amber.
Tonight I feel eternal.
Tomorrow I might feel ethereal.

But never quite satisfied
of pictures, of scissors,
of stained glass, of mirrors.
My nightmares are full.

Blackened eyes, enslaved,
under a state of entropy,
conceal the irrelevance
of my existence.
Lips of sorrow,
Nero’s pride and consequence,
determine the insignificance
of my creations.

It’s irreconcilable.

Devoid, this world is,
of signs that I might exist.
I’m bound within my own reflection.
Vacant, my mind is,
as my dream (only) consists
of distorted images of angels.

I am the irrelevant center of the universe.

There is no difference of honour and glory,
only battle matters for real.
There is a place between war and murder
where our demons are waiting.

If this is hunger
then what is anger?
As closer to the flower,
so closer to the thorns.

Sun is not revealing the truth.
His light burn your eyes and blinds you.
Darkness is still rising,
you can see is still haunting you,
can't do anything but
keep walking straight ahead.
Dance with me my little child
in the ways of oblivion.

World is so different for those
that their eyes can see,
but do not controvert for my faith.
You'll never know how i suffer for her.

The earth shall melt.
The oceans will rise.
The skies might fall
but they will come...
Track Name: The Inverted Paradox
The great War!
The great Drought!
The great Plague!
Three were the faces of God,
that cracked the skin
of both Earth and Man.
Shriveled became the womb
of the great Mother, and devoid. Wanting.

And its worshipers weeped,
scavenging the remnants of another time,
gnawed to ruins by both winds and waves,
sultriness and sand, tar and then fire.

Taint and corruption grew to those
holding the exalted means
that brought the mass genocide.

And the weak pleaded, then implored,
then beseeched, then shrieked
blasphemies and prayers alike.
Crimson filth ran harmoniously,
liberating the anguished.

Drenched in odium,
they witnessed
the profound macrocosmic
shattering in disbelief.

Yet they sensed the cosmos suffering
in sub-atomic decay.
And then they saw the monuments of peace
in the feverish colours of the plague.
And then the world was silenced...

Barren earth devours the horizon.
The sea now shelters only worms.
Vermins plough the earth with sterile seeds.
Wars echoe through timeless intersections.

Memories of home turned to dust in our mouths.
Ashes of hollowed grounds flowed through our veins.
Our flesh paid the tribute to the fallen suns.

Incarcerated within orbs of worlds colliding.
We swarm to reclaim pieces of our solitude.
Drawn to our cathartic introspection.

We exalt the depths.
We celebrate the marrow.
We eradicate contrast.
We burn the crossroads.